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Looking back at the Shylmahn Migration

I wrote The Shylmahn Migration quite a while ago. Looking back, wow… I can’t believe I began doing background research and outlining the manuscript almost thirty years ago. It was in the late 1980s and I was on the graveyard shift at Subbase Bangor. Much of the first draft of the novel was developed while working with an English Literature professor at Evergreen in 1996. Early editions of the book were first published back in 2005.


I last looked at the novel when I was adapting it to a miniseries screenplay in early 2007. Some of you may recall the screenplay won the Pacific Northwest Screenwriting Competition in October 2007. I got word that it had won while we were at Walter Reed Hospital in DC with our son after he had been injured in Afghanistan.


So, it’s been well over ten years since I looked at it at all, and almost twenty since I wrote it. And I never really had an opportunity to just read the book when I wasn’t actually working on it. That is, until recently.


The Shylmahn Migration was my epic work. I spent years developing the human and Shylmahn characters, the alien history, psychology and physiology; outlining and refining the intertwining storylines. It had all the components of everything that I wanted at the time when seeking out a science fiction novel.


And reading it now, with the perspective of decades of distance to provide objectivity, just as a reader… 


Yeah, I like it.


I’m feeling pretty good about now.


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