David R. Beshears

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Yeah, I know it's dangerous, but think of the experience points.
-- unknown

I write for the same reason I breathe - because if I didn't I would die.
-- Isaac Asimov

Life is a collection of experiences. You don't want to get to the end and realize you don't have any.
-- David R. Beshears

Wrong, wrong, absolutely brimming over with wrongability.
-- Arnold J. Rimmer, Red Dwarf

About the author

I write science fiction, fantasy and adventure. I live on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State with my wife, Sylvia, and when not writing I can usually be found on any one of a dozen northwest mountains.


It all started in a little town just south of San Francisco. I was twelve years old, which takes us back to the late nineteen sixties, where I was a sixth grader at San Andreas Elementary. Our teacher was rather progressive for her day; our classroom didn’t have desks, we worked at tables, six students each. Each morning, she would write that day’s assignments on the blackboard and we would work in teams to complete them. When finished, each student went to a board at the back of the room and turned their card from red side to green side, and spent the rest of the day on extra credit.

One day I wrote a short story. When my teacher returned it to me the next day, she handed me an empty theme book and told me that from then on my only extra credit was to fill that theme book with stories.

How amazing was that? Teacher’s orders… write stories.

I've been writing stories ever since.